NGOs are exploring ways for making their work visible. NGOs play a crucial role in conveying information about what Multinational Corporations are doing abroad and could use the Media Research Portal to map their publications and the publications of their international partners. This in turn would make their publications more accessible for academic researchers, investors, and jounalists.

Some examples of current NGO use of online mapping


"The weADAPT platform* is in existence to provide robust guidance on adaptation decision making. is an expanding collaboration that offers a wealth of experience, data, tools, and guidance to develop sound strategies and action on climate adaptation. weADAPT provides support for adapting to climate change, both on its own and as part of broader development processes, by pooling expertise from a wide range of organisations that contribute to adaptation science, practice and policy. The weADAPT partners have developed tools to aid in undertaking various key steps in the climate adaptation process. These tools are designed to help people assess the situation and develop, implement and evaluate measures and strategies for adaptation; our philosophy is that adaptation is a continuous process of strategic adjustment and re-evaluation, and not a one-off fix It requires the development of a sound knowledge base and the strengthening of organisational capacity to support these decision-making processes."

Figure 1: Screenshots from the Adaptation Layer in weADAPT