News Flow

Pros: Creates "Pretty" visualization, aggregates data from variety of sources
Cons: In Ben Frye's words, it's a bit of an angry fruitsalad. Flow lines overlap
News Flow [] is a real-time map of news reporting, which displays both the latest top stories as well as the news organizations which covered them. All featured articles, gathered from over 200 news organizations as well as Google or Yahoo are retrieved during the last few minutes.
Arcs link the location of the news organizations' headquarters to the places mentioned in a given article. Viewing news in this way reveals how the choice of 'top stories' by news bureaus is geographically unequal, or rather, what areas of the world are neglected by various national news sources.

Figure 1:News Flow Map showing flows from several sources
Figure 2: New Flow Map Showing News Flow from Xinhua

Al Jazeera: Mapping the War on Gaza
Uses Ushahidi and Bing to map recent news stories
Pros: Can click on actual news story and follow up.
Cons: Data coming from one source, verification?
Figure 3: Map showing recent news on Al Jazeera website

Washington Post
Pros: Can be searched using query, articles clustered by location
Cons: Labels cover map, distance between nodes, lines and boxes unclear

Figure 4: Washinton Post news map

Pros: Shows News colored by topic, shows headlines, links to articles, simple, allows for filtering for category, source, people, organizations
Cons: Not clear how articles are tagged by category, number in balloon signifies frequency rather than size, only articles 0-33 hours old.
From "about" section:
" started out as a way to learn google app engine. It takes the most recent articles from a variety of sources, uses OpenCalais to analyze the text and then provides a faceted browser type view of the data using Simile Exhibit. It now uses a number of technologies. You can read how I put them altogether here."
Figure 5: visualization

Pros: Show all news articles, also from archives, 3D aspect is cool, can still click on links
Cons: 3D aspect not used beyond anything but coolness, moon rotation is unnecessary, not sure why Jakarta articles are visualized in Europe (Source/topic?), navigation limited, waiting for slow rotation is cumbersome, you never get to see the whole map because it is a globe
Figure 6: Globe Visualization of BBC News

Research on News Mapping Technology:

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