Lexis Nexis Advanced API


"For customers who need more advanced research options or the customization capabilities offered by XML markup, LexisNexis Direct Advanced was also developed. LexisNexis Direct Advanced is an API that is specifically designed to let you incorporate some popular research capabilities of the LexisNexis services into your own applications with a minimum coding effort."


Proquest News Archives currently features an Endnote Export option, but only 10 records can be exported at a time.
Alternatively, an RSS feed can be created from query results, in this case "(Newmont AND Ghana) AND PDN(>1/1/2004) AND PDN(<4/28/2010) " see below results:

    Factiva Select

    "Factiva Select is the only customizable news feed that enables you to integrate filtered XML content from the world's best collection of global news and business information into your intranet or portal. Your developers organize and style this locally stored content to match the look and feel of your corporate environment"

    Accessible through: